Dear Community;

In this month’s newsletter, I’d like to give a big shout out to the American Red Cross and the Speedway Fire Department for the partnership that we share.  We recently came together to do a smoke alarm blitz that was a huge success in Speedway.  Some of the residence questioned why the Wayne Township Trustee who oversees the Wayne Township Fire Department was installing their smoke alarms?  The answer is easy; even though Speedway is its own town with its own Fire Department Speedway is still in Wayne Township for township services, and of course Speedway and Wayne Township Fire Department collaborate on many fire and EMS runs which is called mutual aid to work together to keep us all safe in our communities.  Wayne Township Fire Department also has a victim assistance program when a family is displaced we are dispatched to help the family(s), for both Wayne and Speedway Fire Departments.  This is also where the American Red Cross comes in to assist our program when a fire or natural disaster effects many families so we are able to work together to help immediately.  Lastly I want to remind everyone in Wayne Township, which includes the Town of Speedway and the Towns of Clermont that if your ever in need of a smoke alarm please stop by our fire headquarters at 700 N High School Road or the Trustee’s office at 5401 W Washington Street Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Stay safe,

Trustee Andy Harris


Pictures are from the Smoke Alarm Blitz we did in the Town of Speedway on Monday, January 16, Martin Luther King Day of Service.

Trustee Andy Harris and Director of Security MSD of Wayne Township Doug Scheffle below.

Axle David with the Ameri-Corps, Director Joe Wainscott and Speedway Firefighters below. 


We would like to give you a look at our department in a days work starting at 7:00 a.m.  

It's a Shift, 5 stations, 5 Engines, 2 Ladder Trucks, 4 Ambulances, 31 Firefighters and 8 EMT/Paramedics, on duty for 24 hours.

First things first for the "A Shift.  Completing morning apparatus checks assuring everything is operational. 

Below, Engine #85 helping a dad who accidentally

shut the locked car door with the keys and Kiddo inside.  

Unlocked!  Kiddo and family happy!  It happens!

Medic 82, responded to a medical emergency on Hardin Blvd

Medic 82 and Engine 83 responded to a medical emergency on W Washington St. 

Engine 82, Medic 83 responded to a medical emergency on Ray St. 

Medic 81 and Engine 81 responded to a medical emergency on Lynhurst Dr. 

Medic 81, Engine 82 responded to Blue Hill Circle on a medical emergency. 

Medic 82, Engine 142 responded to a medical emergency on Burke Ave. 

Medic 83 & Engine 82 responded to a medical emergency in the area of Lynhurst &

Rockville Rd. 

Medic 81 assisting IFD with a call for a medical emergency

Medic 83 and Engine 83 responded to a medical emergency on Rockville Road

Medic 82 and Engine 83 responded to Welcome Way Blvd on a medical emergency.

Medic 85 responded with Speedway Fire for a medical emergency on White Oaks Drive.

Medic 85, Engine 33 responded to a medical emergency on Reflection Ln.

Medic 85 responded to Valley Farms Drive on a medical call. 

Medic 89 & Engine 85 responded to 34th St. on a medical emergency. 

Ladder 84 responded to assist a person on Sudbury Ct. 

Medic 74, Ladder 82 responded to a medical emergency on Mars Hill St. 

Engine 82 and Ladder 82 responded to S Lynhurst on a building alarm.

Engine 81 responded to power lines down on S. Tibbs Ave.

Engine 85 & Ladder 84 responded to a building alarm on Crawfordsville Rd. 

WTFD responded with Decatur Twp Fire on a possible residence fire on Fair Ridge Dr. 

Also, during this day there is training.  This is Engine and Ladder 84 conducting extrication training in the afternoon. 

Ladder 84's crew below mentoring students in HOST (Helping One Student To Succeed) program at Chapelwood Elementary.

Firefighters below attending Officer development classes furthering their education.  

(WTFD, Speedway Fire and EMS Officers)

Hosting 30 Public Information Officer students for FEMA Basic PIO course. 


January 20th WTFD Probationary Firefighter Paige Crooks was attending the Pike HS vs Carmel HS basketball game at Pike HS off duty. Paige is a 2014 graduate of Pike High School. During the game, Paige was approached by another spectator who was looking for an EMT to assist an elderly man suffering a medical emergency. Paige identified herself as an EMT and started care. Eventually the man went into cardiac arrest. Paige along with assistance from an IMPD Officer moved the man to the floor and Paige started CPR. Paige along with Off duty FF's Jose Laureano from Pike Fire and Kenny Brant from Carmel Fire attending the game continued care. A school defibrillator was applied and the man was defibrillated successfully. He regained consciousness and was able to speak to Paige and other caregivers. Care was eventually turned over to Pike Twp Fire. We are happy to report the gentleman is recovering well. Paige's choice to pursue a career as firefighter/EMT last year was a choice that changed the outcome of another human life. Good work Paige and all involved!


We are more successful with you on our team!


If you enjoy our Newsletter and would like to give us your feedback, please email me at: TrusteeAndy.Harris@waynetwp.org we would love to hear from you with any recommendations on how we may better serve you.

Thank you!

~Trustee Andy Harris

~Thank you for your kind words Andy, it has been a pleasure working with you.  You love and take care of your constituents in a way that was an inspiration to me, please don't be a stranger. I hope to get to work with you more in the future.  Thanks!    ~Jordan Rodriguez

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