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Applications for the school clothing assistance program are open from 11/1/23 to 12/15/23.

The Wayne Township Trustee's Office offers assistance to residents with school-aged children with the purchase of school clothing.  You must be a Wayne Township resident and meet the program's income guidelines to be eligible for assistance.  If your family qualifies for the program, you will receive up to $225 in vouchers per child ($175 for clothing, $50 for shoes). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (317) 241-4191.


If you do not have all information necessary to determine eligibility


You need to bring with you the following information:


1. Identification for all adults in the household 18 years of age and older. Acceptable forms of ID are current Driver’s license, State ID card, School ID. We require that if you live in Indiana for more than 30 days that you must obtain Indiana credentials.

2. Social Security cards for all household members. If you are missing any or all of them, you will be seen and given 30 days to provide.

3. Non-U.S. Citizens. Permanent Residence Card (Green Card)

4. Proof of current residence within Wayne Township. Lease & ledger or Current Mortgage Statement or current Property Taxes.

5. All adults 18 and older are required to sign the application.

6. Proof of income for ALL adults in the household for the past 30 days. Pay Stubs, Social Security, TANF, SNAP, Child Support, Unemployment, statement from anyone supplying support, app-based work.

7. Proof of how income has been spent for the past 30 days. Receipts, money orders, Bank transactions, pre-paid cards, online apps, Way2Go (child support), Hoosier Works (TANF), Utility Allotment cards.

8. If any adult is under doctoral care or has a medical condition making them unable to work or restrictions, we will need a current Doctor statement regarding this.

9. Proof of current school enrollment or school letterhead stating child/children that are currently enrolled at that school from the address on the application.


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