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Applications for the school clothing assistance program will

be paused from 9/15/23  and re-open on 10/1/23.

The Wayne Township Trustee's Office offers assistance to residents with school-aged children with the purchase of school clothing.  You must be a Wayne Township resident and meet the program's income guidelines to be eligible for assistance.  If your family qualifies for the program, you will receive up to $225 in vouchers per child ($175 for clothing, $50 for shoes). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (317) 241-4191.


If you do not have all information necessary to determine eligibility


You need to bring with you the following information:


1)  Personal Identification for all adults in the household 18 years and older.  Acceptable forms of ID are Current and Valid Driver’s Licenses, State Identification cards, Military ID, School ID, and Employee ID.  Legal name and picture required. Birth Certificates are required for school-aged children, being considered for assistance.


2)  Social security cards for everyone in the household.  Signatures are required on all adults’ social security cards.  Proof of applying for duplicate card with Social Security is acceptable but must show name and social security number. 


3)  Non – U.S. Citizens: We need proof that either you or your children needing the school clothing are here legally with an Immigrant Visa, Employment Authorization Document, or a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card).


4)  Proof of current residence within Wayne Township – All of the following: Lease Agreement or Mortgage Documentation, and all Utility Bills.  All with legal name and current address.


5) All adults (18) years or older) residing in the household are required to sign the application.


6)  Proof of household income for ALL Adults (18 years or older) in the household for the past 30 days such as: Social Security, AFDC/TANF and Food Stamp award letters, Child Support Printout, Pay Stubs, Statement from Employer. You will need statements on letterhead from agencies that have assisted you in the past 30 days. (These do not have to be notarized).   Printout of all bank account(s) transactions for the last 30 days until your appointment date and Proof of current balances on all accounts, Unemployment Compensation including transactions from EPPI Card.


7)  All Paid Receipts for the past 30 days – Paid receipts can be: Cancelled Checks, Money Order Receipts, Notarized statements (such as for paid child care), Utility Bills Stamped by Utility Company, Printout of Bank Transactions (if the paid party is listed), and proof of all transactions from Prepaid Debit and EPPI cards.  Online app transactions for the past 30 days, i.e. Chime, Cash App, Venmo, Pay Pal, are also required. 

8.) We require proof of current school enrollment or school letterhead stating the child/children are currently enrolled at the school from the address on the application. 


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