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Wayne Township Fire Department 

The Wayne Township Fire Department's mission is to practice and promote fire prevention and provide fire, medical, and other emergency services within the jurisdiction of the Wayne Township Fire Department in order to minimize the loss of life and/or property damage and reduce injuries to all persons within our response area. In order to carry out our mission, the department provides a wide range of emergency and non-emergency services to its citizens. To accomplish our mission, we employ 161 full-time professional firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

To learn more about Wayne Township Fire Department, you can visit the fire department website at


Fire Protection 

The Wayne Township Fire Department provides fire protection to our residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The department operates with a fully staffed apparatus that are strategically positioned throughout our community to ensure a rapid response to all calls for service. Last year, Wayne Township Fire Department responded to more than 11,000 calls for service.

Emergency Medical Services

Effective March 17, 2024  the Wayne Township Fire Department's EMS Division merged with the Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services.  While emergency personnel and equipment stay in place throughout the township, the service is now overseen by the Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services. 


Special Operations 

The fire department offers many special operations abilities. Some emergencies require specific skills to safely handle the situation. Wayne Township Fire Department provides the following specialty skills:

  • Vehicle and Machinery Rescue

  • Hazardous Materials Response

  • Surface Water Rescue

  • Urban Search and Rescue

  • Fire Investigations

Community Education 

Wayne Township Fire Department believes the best way to improve the safety or our residents is through community education. The department has a full time community educator who works with community groups, schools and preschools on the fundamental fire safety skills. Some of our community education events include:

  • Multiple community fire safety programs

  • Basic aid and safety training in Wayne Township Schools

  • Project Lifesaver

  • Community Event Safety Programs

  • Business safety programs for employees

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